Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yeaaah. I need to do some work.

I've done maybe 900 frames out of the 1800 that I need to have done for the 12th.

Since when have I ever not done work when I needed to?
Yes, I am getting things done, but it's taking much more.. forcefulness on my part.
I need to stop being a slacker.

However, I have been drawing alot again. For a few weeks there my sketch book went barely touched, graced only by the scratch of a pencil for classwork. However, I now present you with an atrocious redesigning of a wonderful character that Mr. David Lloyd would probably spasm with pain if he ever saw it.

I couldn't help it. I love him. Is it because of the namesake we share? Or the crazed revolutionary anarchist that is lovably radical? Or is it the fact that he is a philosophical bookworm who quotes Macbeth and uses wonderfully verbose vernacular in the form of consonance...?

Yeaaah it's all of those.
I wish I had made him more... manly..? I guess. He looks like he has new boots and is questioning "How do I look?"
However, I tried to incorporate as many V's into his design as possibly. Also, his mask has slight alterations to make it more angular.

Uhm... Yeah.
Still searching for those damn comics, too. I can buy them on e-bay and amazon... but...not the same as getting it straight out of a comic store. Worse comes to worse, I'll get it off the internet soon. I just want a good quality copy.

Wow. I am...a nerd.
I need to devote my time to more constructive things.
Like saving the enviornment.


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