Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week has been pretty busy. It's my first week back for classes, and even though the "week" started on Wedneday- I've been trying to find the time to do everything.

Saturday unfortunately went to the dogs, to my great displeasure. I spent rougly from 4-12 playing a video game which i honestly do NOT have time to do. A temporary lapse of sanity.

On to greater and bigger things- Like reading Hamlet by thursday. =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Insert Enthusiasm Here.

Holy Update Batman!

Well hello again folks! I know there isn't many people who follow my blog, BUT that doesn't stop me from adressing you as folks! So There we go!

I've decided to address my latent "lazy" issues on some things I do and attempt to fix them. One of the more insignificant ones ( although personally important) issues is this blog. I started this blog not only with the attempt to generally keep my life/ interests in an internet form so as to remember it one day when I am senile, but to also hopefully promote some wonderful artists and to highlight some amazing things I've found via the interwebs etc etc etc RUN ON SENTENCE.

Anyway- Due to my newfound enthusiasm I would like to continue to post here with the intention of updating every Sunday. I have other things I must do on Sundays that should allow me to regularly update for the sake of consistency. ( This sentence doesnt make sense however I will keep it. Why should it be deleted for its misconceptions? WHY I ASK YOU?)

My first Update is to say that I have added a new blog to check out on the side-bar. It is one Animation blog that is a BILLION times better than my own. My friend and amazing artist, Joe "Chogrin" Game has re-faced his CHALADRA blog and its all PERTY. So go enjoy.

Another update should be that I am currently working on a comic. (GASP) that will be slowly SLOWLY created to ensure its completion. No more rushing into projects offhandedly. Only even-headed calculations of what I can and cannot do.

THIRDLY- Here are some concept designs I made for a friend's senior film. Enjoy.