Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Junior show

Wow. So. First half of senior year has FWOOSH gone by. It's a very scary thought, when I think about how much work I must yet do for my film, and what is waiting for me out in the world.

I know I am personally not ready for the working world. I don't have enough experience, and even though I've had several internships, they've not been enough. I've been left behind a little I feel. My friends have gotten interns and connections with pat smith and signe baumen and bill plympton. ROCK ON for them, its really awesome.

Still, my internships have been beyond valuable to me. I've learned alot about life, work, and work relationships (you know, as well as animating HA).

I've got this real big thirst to always learn more though. I've been this way since I was young. hAhaa. I am such a geek. =) But I mean, when you have these things you are passionate about, its good to want to pursue them and get better at them.

And Mike Manley is a freaking awesome teacher. I don't care if people disagree. That man is someone who I can relate to very much.

Junior Show is tomorrow. I'm being a ninja senior and sneaking something in. *gasp*