Sunday, April 6, 2008


Okay people. Seriously. There is just SO MANY AMAZING ARTISTS OUT THERE. I found a new one, a director actually. His name is Giancarlo Volpe, and he is the director for Avatar, or one of them. Seeing his website and actually reading what he has to say about the animation world and his reactions to things are pretty refreshing. I mean think about it.

Someone say's director, you image a guy sitting at a cushy desk doing nothing but ordering people around. Come on. Everyone imagines that. But imagine a boss who is up and active and excited about what hes doing and is a tour de force of excitement- an inspiration to make you want to work harder. thats this guy.
Here's his Deviantart:

BUT HEY- Everything is so copacetic right now, bee's knees really
... =) my 1920's research is Jake, going berries, its divine.

Also, I'm thinking of adopting a new vocabulary... can you tell?

this here is a scrap i discovered I left on my OLD website
Don't go there. Well. go there if u want. New stuff is on

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