Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vuelva al dolor de usted

bah. hopefully my spanish still works and that title is what i mean.

Anyway. Writing about Pedro Almodovar for my Spain after Franco class. I am not a huge fan now, but I definately appreciate this project for letting me know about him. His work is beautiful, and I appreciate his subtleties and genuine knowledge of women that is honestly not present in many films, or even in many films directed by women themselves.

I am absolutely in love with Estrella Morenta because of him, and the film, Volver. Listening to it over and over and over. Here, watch a clip from youtube being lip-sung by Penelope Cruz.

the whole song is much better, and so heartfelt. I love flamenco. However, this clip is pretty, and the overall film amazing. Go watch it. Although, perhaps men will not appreciate it as much as women, not to be sexist, it's just a very obviously female film.

Work has essentially halted completely on my project, which is no good. However- I have been working on my Avatar Scene and some character designs for classes. After tonight I will resume work and slave over my projects like normal.

For now, I will sit here typing my paper and singing through my heart. =)

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CHOGRIN said...

Tu español esta muy bueno! I definetly need to check out "Volver." Its been on my to do list for awhile...Tienes un buen sabor de cosas amiga!

Cuidate y sinceramente,

~El Capitan Game~