Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More j-popping -WIP

So here's some images of my WIP for the J-Pop culture show for The Autumn Society. Watching Kiki's on repeat isn't so bad, since it holds a special place with me (First Ghibli film I've ever seen) I'm feeling pretty happy with the colors in general-- it's all just blocked out color right now, for direction. It'll be more defined, but I'm going going to keep that no-outline Flash look (thought I'm creating this in Photoshop) I'm sure the pro's can tell, and right now you can't see some distinctions in her form (hands and knee) but they will be defined.

More background elements to come too. a little too barren right now. I like the clouds...but I'm not sure if they fit with the rest of the image... I'll keep working.

Lastly, greyed out borders to let me know where the cut-off is for my image. final dimensions are 11x17

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

J-Pop Culture

So. Yeah.

Here's a touched-up with photoshop picture I took of a drawing I did. Working on the Autumn Society's Japanese Pop-Culture piece, watching some ghibli and getting ideas. I think I've settled on some Kiki, if not a couple tribute pieces to Ghibli.

Don't ask what the original, horribly yellow photograph looked like. Besides yellow, no matter what I set it to. Gah.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, while I've not had access to a scanner, I've doodled and drew to much listlessness and to a building sense of inadequacy--which,as artists, we all face from time to time.  I've recently taken to watching movies and reading, instead of pursuing what I most desperately wanted to-- which was creating art and improving myself.  That being said, today I found again one of my many sources of inspiration, the artwork of Nico Marlet and the animation of Mike Surrey.

(Mike Surrey)

(Nico Marlet)

Many people probably know of these artists, so this time, I will not drone about them. Let me just say, I am thankful for amazing artists, for they are those who inspire me to be better than what I am.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I made this little dude about three weeks back, and posted it up on the Autumn Society website. Check the site out, many awesome artists.

I've got a bunch of work to upload, my only problem is I need to find a decent sized scanner that actually scans correctly. Otherwise, I'm thinking of starting to work digitally for the remainder of the summer, so that I will actually have something to show you folks at home.

About the above image-- I used about 12 textures in compinations. I'm actually fairly happy with the end result of the earth itself-- some texture manip, and then matte paints over it, and some regular painting ontop (in photoshop).


-- edit--
Just tacking on that the image is a tribute to the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.