Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fancy meeting you here...

Mmmmmmmm. =)

Happy, but I should be working. I got a little teeny bit of work done today, I'll regret it later. The avatar storyboards are done. So... yeah. Tons more excited to work on that project then my poem-animation. But I need to find motivation. I hate feeling like I don't want to work, because then the question rises- If I don't want to work on what I enjoy doing, why do it at all? I know everyone goes through ups and downs, but I've never been a person who actually understood not working on a project until you ENJOY it.

Mayhop-haps I am just a strange one.
Who loves work.

Other things very obviously don't get enough attention when you are a work-a-holic however.
=/...I can't help it. I'm in love with art.

So... yeah. I just need to push past this little "don't wanna" bump and get things done.

ALSO- 48 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR FRANCE!!!! So excited for the Annecy trip and Angouleme workshop. Yes. ^_^ I get to work with British and French students to make a piece... COPACETIC!
Something not so copacetic-

Totally bummer, hopefully won't interupt me going to France.
HOWEVER- this has me totally freaking out because of the massive nightmares I've been having recently, nightmares detailing extremely realistic flight failures with fire, burning flesh, and taking icy dives into bubbling, black water.

I'm nervous =(.

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