Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yeaaah. I need to do some work.

I've done maybe 900 frames out of the 1800 that I need to have done for the 12th.

Since when have I ever not done work when I needed to?
Yes, I am getting things done, but it's taking much more.. forcefulness on my part.
I need to stop being a slacker.

However, I have been drawing alot again. For a few weeks there my sketch book went barely touched, graced only by the scratch of a pencil for classwork. However, I now present you with an atrocious redesigning of a wonderful character that Mr. David Lloyd would probably spasm with pain if he ever saw it.

I couldn't help it. I love him. Is it because of the namesake we share? Or the crazed revolutionary anarchist that is lovably radical? Or is it the fact that he is a philosophical bookworm who quotes Macbeth and uses wonderfully verbose vernacular in the form of consonance...?

Yeaaah it's all of those.
I wish I had made him more... manly..? I guess. He looks like he has new boots and is questioning "How do I look?"
However, I tried to incorporate as many V's into his design as possibly. Also, his mask has slight alterations to make it more angular.

Uhm... Yeah.
Still searching for those damn comics, too. I can buy them on e-bay and amazon... but...not the same as getting it straight out of a comic store. Worse comes to worse, I'll get it off the internet soon. I just want a good quality copy.

Wow. I am...a nerd.
I need to devote my time to more constructive things.
Like saving the enviornment.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

perhaps you won't bother.

There are so many things wrong with this country. With the way things are being run, with what people are allowing to happen... Is this the Vietnam War all over again?

Then why is no one rising up and protesting LOUDLY for peace. SO many people sacrificed themselves and their reputations to put an end to needless massacre.
Am I too going to stay on the side lines?

I will honestly tell you, I did not vote the other day. Why? I had the opportunity, maybe I dont live in Philly, but that doesn't matter. I didn't try to do anything.

And, personally, on a bigger issue... what about my art? My characters, my ideas? They are selfishly naive- Just like so much of the art being produced and shipped around the states these days. All we ever do is try to escape our own fears... and maybe that isn't so bad. purposefully blind ourselves, to look away from those people who need standing up for? For the war that is going on that we created from thin air? The government and those people who can lie in the face of thousands, proclaiming and disguising conquest and imperialistic capitalism in the name of Justice, Freedom, and Equality? WELL WHOSE EQUALITY? WHOSE JUSTICE? WHAT FREEDOM? We are bound by shackles and deafened to the cries of so many tortures. I mean, not just the war. What about the wastefulness of society?

I am sitting here, in a 12x10 foot room with a television on blasting family guy, the hum of my computer and the buzz of the lights above me shouting slothfulness.

I sit here in my frozen legs and do nothing but wish for the courage to do something.

I am truly pathetic.
What is the point of having a voice, if you say nothing?
Mon coeur puet suelement prendre tellement.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey there, wish me luck.

Okay, so in roughly twelve hours I will be setting up my gear in CBS auditorium and going head to head against an altogether WAY TOO AMAZING artist and then roughly six hours after that I will be congratulating him on winning the award we are dueling for.

There will be samurai swords and bloodshed. be there.

Just kidding, although I seriously am nervous. A friend of mine and myself got nominated for an award, and tomorrow our work goes against a panel of judges at 1130 am. He's totally going to win, because he seriously IS the best thing since sliced bread, while I am merely the best thing since cockroaches. Or a step below. HOWEVER there is no way I am going down without a fight. *fiery eyes*.. so yeah ^_^.

If you want a sample.. the opening to my demo reel. you don't necessarily need to watch it. However, if you do, tell me what you think of it? *glittery eyes*

Also- Check out another awesome animator to be added to my side list of awesome-ness
this is the art and animations of Kelli Davis. She makes pretty things and has a beautiful imagination.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vuelva al dolor de usted

bah. hopefully my spanish still works and that title is what i mean.

Anyway. Writing about Pedro Almodovar for my Spain after Franco class. I am not a huge fan now, but I definately appreciate this project for letting me know about him. His work is beautiful, and I appreciate his subtleties and genuine knowledge of women that is honestly not present in many films, or even in many films directed by women themselves.

I am absolutely in love with Estrella Morenta because of him, and the film, Volver. Listening to it over and over and over. Here, watch a clip from youtube being lip-sung by Penelope Cruz.

the whole song is much better, and so heartfelt. I love flamenco. However, this clip is pretty, and the overall film amazing. Go watch it. Although, perhaps men will not appreciate it as much as women, not to be sexist, it's just a very obviously female film.

Work has essentially halted completely on my project, which is no good. However- I have been working on my Avatar Scene and some character designs for classes. After tonight I will resume work and slave over my projects like normal.

For now, I will sit here typing my paper and singing through my heart. =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finding Friends in Awesome Artists

Blah blah blah.

I'm 21 now, my birthday was on the 13th. Blah blah. Older.

Mmmm. =/

Here- Eureka Seven style Kai... who is a character of mine. crappy. enjoy.

Saw a very cool, talented artist I know today in Borders- Joe Game. Did some research and dug up his Autumn Society site (features artists like Bryan Brinkman as well) and also his Chogrin site. For any of those of you millions of people who are spotting this world, go check him out- He's really talented and his art is slick. He's on the Little side-bar over there. Yeah. click it.


I wish I could spend more time developing lots of things I want to say, but I have to do some things which require time which I do not have.

Lots of love to all of you.

Empathy for Earth-kind.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fancy meeting you here...

Mmmmmmmm. =)

Happy, but I should be working. I got a little teeny bit of work done today, I'll regret it later. The avatar storyboards are done. So... yeah. Tons more excited to work on that project then my poem-animation. But I need to find motivation. I hate feeling like I don't want to work, because then the question rises- If I don't want to work on what I enjoy doing, why do it at all? I know everyone goes through ups and downs, but I've never been a person who actually understood not working on a project until you ENJOY it.

Mayhop-haps I am just a strange one.
Who loves work.

Other things very obviously don't get enough attention when you are a work-a-holic however.
=/...I can't help it. I'm in love with art.

So... yeah. I just need to push past this little "don't wanna" bump and get things done.

ALSO- 48 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR FRANCE!!!! So excited for the Annecy trip and Angouleme workshop. Yes. ^_^ I get to work with British and French students to make a piece... COPACETIC!
Something not so copacetic-

Totally bummer, hopefully won't interupt me going to France.
HOWEVER- this has me totally freaking out because of the massive nightmares I've been having recently, nightmares detailing extremely realistic flight failures with fire, burning flesh, and taking icy dives into bubbling, black water.

I'm nervous =(.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Everyone has bad days

A little bit of a frustrating day.
Which is unsettling for me. I still have some of my drive to work, but more and more of it is dissipating. I have not yet started animating for my Junior interdisciplinary piece, and I fear idleness.

ALTHOUGH- this little snippet right here I am going to convert and change (as well as finish animating) to be added to my piece.. so technically I did start. A one minute piece in 5 weeks... seems impossible.

I really want to present myself as a competent and capable artist and person, but every time I open my mouth recently I say something stupid, unwittingly rude, or just plain futz up what I was going to say. I'm a total basket case really. One minute I am collected and confident, the next I've tripped over my own feet... again.. for the fourth time in twelve seconds.
Alas my klutziness.

On the otherhand, maybe it's good I am so awkward. It makes other people look good =P ha. joshing.

I just really need to wake up and press forward. Once I do that, I'll be feeling much better. Get myself back into my swing, and everything will be berries. Now, if only I learned to stop paying with wooden nickels.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Black Tea and Randomness

Black tea is a delicious tea... if it has sufficient amounts of sugar in it. Otherwise it is harsh and biting and quite bitter. Now i know.

I am what you call a "tea maniac". Okay not really. I just honestly appreciate a good cup of tea.

Not alot going on today. Got my shot breakdown for the animation I'm to be working on over the next five weeks. A one minute peice in five weeks? Crazy you say? Yes, yes I am. I'll upload some images once I get some, I can't promise any video. I might put it up here, since my blog is by no means front page news to anyone. Thats good though. Anyway, the piece is to be done in watercolors, and paper cut outs from newspapers... silhouettes. I'm still working on ONE LINE for visuals. (The animation is done off of a poem) Villanelle create by my wonderful poet-boyfriend. It's filled with alot of interesting imagery... Hopefully I will do it some justice and he won't hate it.

Here's some old art I found in a tiny sketchbook of mine.
Character is Ajax, and wise/sage-like intellectual who is an Ovisian (my term for ram-people)
Seems to be a lot like a current character who is more developed that I....developed. -_-
this is Jericho- a badly scanned version of many of his expressions. No longer a Ram, but a half dune-cat half human genuis who surf's sand dunes and discovers lost treasures of a previous civilization on a post apocolyptic Earth

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Okay people. Seriously. There is just SO MANY AMAZING ARTISTS OUT THERE. I found a new one, a director actually. His name is Giancarlo Volpe, and he is the director for Avatar, or one of them. Seeing his website and actually reading what he has to say about the animation world and his reactions to things are pretty refreshing. I mean think about it.

Someone say's director, you image a guy sitting at a cushy desk doing nothing but ordering people around. Come on. Everyone imagines that. But imagine a boss who is up and active and excited about what hes doing and is a tour de force of excitement- an inspiration to make you want to work harder. thats this guy.
Here's his Deviantart:

BUT HEY- Everything is so copacetic right now, bee's knees really
... =) my 1920's research is Jake, going berries, its divine.

Also, I'm thinking of adopting a new vocabulary... can you tell?

this here is a scrap i discovered I left on my OLD website
Don't go there. Well. go there if u want. New stuff is on

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wooow Vee got a blog.

Soooo. hey there ho there. I got me-self one o these fancy do-dads here. .... Hopefully I'll be able to share some interesting information for those who would like it. If you don't Know- I am an animator and an artist, so thats what this site is really going to deal with. My discoveries, maybe some sketches of mine. But it might be nice to actually start reliably posting information about myself and what I am doing in life at this moment. Maybe I'll look back on it later in life and smile, or maybe i'll wish i can burn the internet. =) only time will show me.

So yeah. Here's a bit of avatar fun for you.