Monday, April 7, 2008

Black Tea and Randomness

Black tea is a delicious tea... if it has sufficient amounts of sugar in it. Otherwise it is harsh and biting and quite bitter. Now i know.

I am what you call a "tea maniac". Okay not really. I just honestly appreciate a good cup of tea.

Not alot going on today. Got my shot breakdown for the animation I'm to be working on over the next five weeks. A one minute peice in five weeks? Crazy you say? Yes, yes I am. I'll upload some images once I get some, I can't promise any video. I might put it up here, since my blog is by no means front page news to anyone. Thats good though. Anyway, the piece is to be done in watercolors, and paper cut outs from newspapers... silhouettes. I'm still working on ONE LINE for visuals. (The animation is done off of a poem) Villanelle create by my wonderful poet-boyfriend. It's filled with alot of interesting imagery... Hopefully I will do it some justice and he won't hate it.

Here's some old art I found in a tiny sketchbook of mine.
Character is Ajax, and wise/sage-like intellectual who is an Ovisian (my term for ram-people)
Seems to be a lot like a current character who is more developed that I....developed. -_-
this is Jericho- a badly scanned version of many of his expressions. No longer a Ram, but a half dune-cat half human genuis who surf's sand dunes and discovers lost treasures of a previous civilization on a post apocolyptic Earth


ChaoticKnight said...

You have a blog?? Thats cool. I has a blog too :D -Mike

Æther Archer said...

Ho man, Vee has a sketchblog. I shall add it to my collection! I have one too but, uhhh, I never update it. >.>;