Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fox Spirits and Bad Scans

Just sharing some bad scans from one of my new sketch books. I am completely awful at scanning. I scanned each one of these, viewing them, and decided they were cut just how i wanted them... when somehow the finished scan is completely NOT what I intended. However, I am too lazy to rescan them, when I'm not going to use them for anything except.. this.

This is the cover of my book, with my Inari on it. I love drawing foxes, and often times my foxes have little clown arrows around their eyes, so I decide that this particular character would be my Muse, Inari (Inari is a Japanese shinto fox god/goddess).

^The pose is mimicking "Okami" but i'm not sure I got it completely right.

More Inari-s and bad scans. Working with pens this time. =O

I also have a black sense of humor. Poor snail (muahaha)

Awful scan number 4! Wandering post-apocolyptic desert family. One of my better successes at drawing cartoon-children.

At some point I'll post something that actually makes my art look good!!! And is not a crappy scan. <3

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Simple talk

Not much happening these days. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just wish I could get some form of work. Everyone I know has some type of commissioned work or etc. that they are doing, and thats awesomely exciting for them! And all I'm really doing is working on storyboards and keeping myself busy with Video games/ art tests like this one here.

This is not anything fancy, just a test of the "taper" sumi-e in Corel Painter. Had some fun with it, but couldn't get her nose correct =/. meh. tests are test =)

Ha! I wish I had the patience for traditional cross-hatching by hand, but its never been my forte. Although... practice makes... well, nobody's perfect, but it certainly makes an artist improve herself!!

Also- Recently been watching GARGOYLES series all over again. oh the goodness. OH. THE. GOODNESS. Seriously folks. Their ears even have secondary action. Woosh.

Oh Greg Weisman.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Princess and the Frog Teaser

OOOkkaaaaay. Disney has released a teaser for its upcoming film (Not sure when about its release, but I've been pumped for this 2D film since I've heard about it).

Looks... interesting. Not enough to go by to say it 'll be good, but another 2D film reaching the market its... a gateway to possibly more. So, enjoy this 30 second teaser!