Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Everyone has bad days

A little bit of a frustrating day.
Which is unsettling for me. I still have some of my drive to work, but more and more of it is dissipating. I have not yet started animating for my Junior interdisciplinary piece, and I fear idleness.

ALTHOUGH- this little snippet right here I am going to convert and change (as well as finish animating) to be added to my piece.. so technically I did start. A one minute piece in 5 weeks... seems impossible.

I really want to present myself as a competent and capable artist and person, but every time I open my mouth recently I say something stupid, unwittingly rude, or just plain futz up what I was going to say. I'm a total basket case really. One minute I am collected and confident, the next I've tripped over my own feet... again.. for the fourth time in twelve seconds.
Alas my klutziness.

On the otherhand, maybe it's good I am so awkward. It makes other people look good =P ha. joshing.

I just really need to wake up and press forward. Once I do that, I'll be feeling much better. Get myself back into my swing, and everything will be berries. Now, if only I learned to stop paying with wooden nickels.

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