Friday, October 30, 2009

One rant of many about Glen Keane (and I am surprised that I haven't ranted before...I dont think..)

So anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Glen Keane. Well, more than a fan. Mr. Keane is one of the major reasons I animate today (as well as several other AMAZING ANIMATORS) and I want to learn from this man, so every opportunity I get to inspect/dissect/study his work is taken to my inner most core. He's got a great drive and power in his drawings, and I would love to develop the emotion and acting he creates in his characters in my own.

With this gushing aside, here are some videos of pose tests and pencil tests by Glen. Pleases to the enjoys.
This first one is of good old Rattigan. Such great stretch in his face!! AHHH!!!

Glen Keane - pose test (Rattigan) from Alex Petreski on Vimeo.

Everyone who knows about my love for Keane's work also knows that I hold his work on Tarzan among the epoch of the best animation known to man

Glen Keane- rough penciltest - TARZAN from Alex Petreski on Vimeo.

Lastly- this clip of Glen flipping IN TIME to a scene from Aladdin was new to me today, and made me squeal in glory. I also thoroughly appreciate that he says " This twenty second scene took me a MONTH to animate". Makes you feel good knowing these guys are taking their time. But hey, they can afford it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 11 Sec RUFF animation

Ruff Animation Oct submission 11 Second club from Vanessa Buldowski on Vimeo.

'Ruff' animation fluctuating 2's and 1's. The hand is floaty. GAH. I don't have time to fix it. >_<

Will post finished animation soon, =P

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 11 Second Club Keys

11 Sec. Club Oct Keys and BD from Vanessa Buldowski on Vimeo.

Here be the keys and breakdowns for my upcoming submission for the October 11 Second Club. Will be inbetweened by Saturday, where I will post in on the 11 Second Club website, so please vote for me when the time comes! (If you like my piece, that is) You do have to register to vote, but its free and you get to see all the other entries as well!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a couple of friendly Lions...

... and character poses of myself when I was seven years old.

This perturbed looking man with the floating goldfish is none other than Kevin Cooney.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Animation Test

Here is a simple walk cycle look at my character, the Glass Woman. I was doing the test not really for her action, but more for the style of doing the clean up. I'm not sure which feels most effective, but I'd love some feedback.

The color pencil and normal graphite clean up were very fast, by my standards, but the watercolor one took significantly longer (and I was using water color pencils for it). Any feed back would be great.

Though this really wasn't to show the characters actual attitude, I was thinking of her personality and it is "reflective" of her in a way. (I like my puns). She is a strong willed person, vivid and unfettered until she realizes the fragility of her own self. So, this is more in her "innocent" stage.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Reality leaves alot to the imagination"

OKAY SO TODAY I HAD AN AWESOME TALK WITH ADELINE ( a bfa in experimental) ABOUT JOHN LENNON. I made her a drawing. Then she slammed me with this amazing one.

And then I colored it. Horribly. in like 10 minutes just now because I was so excited. I will attempt more awesomeness soon. For now, John Lennon returns to the surface of my desk to inspire me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


As you can see, I've gotten really lazy about the color quality in the pictures I've been taking anymore. Well... I'll work on it. I dont mind taking snapshots of things I'm going to post here. But I'll take better pictures for the drawings I'll put in my portfolio.

Don't judge me.

Actually. No. I'll force myself to take better pictures from now on.

These are two drawings I did today at the latter half of Steve Brown's / Corny Cole's Figure drawing sessions. I didnt get to stay for long, but I'm glad I pushed myself into going. Figure drawing is always worth it.

Need to gesture animals. Must go to zoo soon, or else. Please build me a jetpack thankyouvermuch.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Character Gestures

So today I went to the first student-run class on Walt Stanchfield's gesture drawing technique. I was so excited when I heard about this, because I truly enjoy and learned a lot from his books.

Dave, a sophomore in character animation, ran the class and he really did an exceptional job of following the heart of what Stanchfield taught people. He had us gradually try to incorporate the "character" that the model was creating for us, as well as what we were feeling from the model. These pictures are some of the drawings I did in the second and third part of the session.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Did this for a class to get used to the Canon50 DSLR. Which are pretty sweet and take amazing pictures, but I wouldn't use as a downshooter again. There was problems with the lens- it was so heavy that it couldn't stay zoomed out, so unfortunately I had to work around it and be zoomed in the entire time, with the camera MUCH farther away from the sand than it had to be. Color is slightly off on purpose, the way I shot the images. I let the Whitebalance be off purposefully.

life drawing goodness.

some 5 minute drawings. unfortunately they had to get cut-off because I had to take photos, and the set up wasnt great. Will take better photos soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday Morning Fog

It rained for two days here in Valencia. Wednesday morning I walked out my door to this amazing sight. Chiaroscuro baby.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I actually had these scanned for a while. But I forgot I had them. So enjoy now, please.

I like this guy. and his mushrooms.

this is a character design for my upcoming submission to

This last thing is just a little 10 second short I had to animate for class. We had to do the sound first, then animate what we thought the sound was. It was great fun. The whole process took 3 days from sound to finish. Hoping I can keep up this quality of work for my film when I do it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. oranges.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adventures in Calartia ( 01 )

Yaaay more pictures! Some of these are more than a month old, but I was being lazy with uploading/ busy with other work.

There is this great door at Calarts. If you enlarge it maybe you can see that it says " Mickey Mouse Jr. Creative Director". It's silly. That's me in the picture for scale. Unfortunately, the door is always locked. =PAND LOOK! this is my personal cubicle. I love it. I live there. It happens to be the oldest lightdesk in A115. I am proud of this fact. Here is a crazy awesome hummingbird that was hanging around the first week of class. There were like four of the crazy beasts, and I was lucky to catch this one. I went out one night early in the semester too (its still early, what am I talking about!?) and walked the walk of fame, looking down at my feet the entire time, like the tourist I am. Had to take a snap shot of this, the animation geek in me flipped out. Those are Jenny's boots and Paul's hairy feet. haha.
While we were at a really small pub, I saw the walls and flipped out. Original artwork by Al Hirshfeld.
Another weekend I went to LA again, with Jenny, and we stayed at Amanda's. Here they are enjoying tea and coffee. Mmmm. Jenny was caught off-guard. Muahaha. I like Amanda's maniacal grin.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

glass woman and some sketches

Some character sketches, and a character design for my Glass Woman, something I'm working on for my next film. I really want to work on a character that you could see through. The idea of glass, and the complexities of animating something like that really intrigues me. I'm going to continue tweaking her design, but I want to keep the feeling that this sketch captures.

Imagine her passing infront of trees, and those trees being refracted in her glass. Experimenting is fun. and damn hard. Any tips/ ideas would be great. <3