Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Panning Animals

So recently I've been pining over the fact that I never get any chances to draw any animals. In the morning and when I eat I specifically make myself do figure drawing, but there is NO TIME devoted to animals. I also believed that Calarts was devoid of them. I, however, was being foolish as everyone and their mother has a dog here. So, I am taking it upon myself to draw any dog I see if I have the spare moment.

Dog's aren't the only animal out there though. I've been trying to plan out a trip to the zoo for a while now, and I decided come hell or high water I'm going this weekend. Alone or not, I'm going dog gawnit. I'm sure someone will tag along, which will be massive fun.

A short explanation- The fish is Tomy, a beautiful little Koi owned by Zoe's housemate. Russell is the entirely cute little dog you see there, who these are 10 second drawings of because I've never seen a dog who fidgets so much while lying down. Lastly is a thumbnail sketch-layout of a pan I will be shooting sometime Thursday, after I create the rough sketch on actual panning paper, which will eventually be transferred to nice Ingram panning paper to be watercolored for my film.

yes and thank you.

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