Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

Can you tell I like teal?

This is a reformatted image I made for this post-card things that I wanted to print out for this weekend... but I dont think I'll get a chance to. I need to find a CVS, then maybe I can. Maybe tomorrow morning.

So yeah. CTN ANIMATION EXPO! I will be attending from tomorrow till sunday, learning alot, hopefully talking some to some awesome artists. I got together a portfolio of my work...and it will improve with time. I have issues with it, but hey, we've all got issues.

I got some great advice today about portfolio making from the fiancee of a classmate of mine- Eric Favela , who is an awesome, super modest artist. Check out his blog!!

The end. I must work now.

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AnachroLush said...

ah haha. vee in a box!

are you kidding? EVERY day is one of those days.

non seq: the code for verifying this comment was "horpory". we need to somehow incorporate this into our everyday lexicon.