Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glass Woman update

Glass Woman Raindrop Test from Vanessa Buldowski on Vimeo.

playing around with camera moves and getting to know my glass woman some more. A rough shot from my film, first take on it. Match cut on the action of the raindrop, which needs to be resolved because it feels like a jump cut.

I need to think of a name for my film, and a name for her. I feel like "Glass woman" is too...i dunno. but I feel she's so unique I almost despise naming her anything. A Charolette or any other name wont do. She's a goddess, beautiful and carefree. Naming her feels like claiming her, or a lie. At least Glass Woman is honest, because that is exactly what she is. Its not labelling, its just stating.



AnachroLush said...

Vee, I love this. I almost feel like you could solve the cut problem by getting the drop in closer to impact/having her head fill more of the frame. Right now, it matches too closely in size to the shot proceeding it.

That aside, the feel of her looking around has a gentle sense of wonder to it. Quite the accomplishment for having limited facial expression! And I think your drops are working out...I've got to buy that book...

Jaz said...

I really love that she doesn't just look up at the raindrop, but instead goes through a realistic realization of what's happening.

I'm always amazed by hand-drawn camera moves, because it's something I'd never attempted when I was working mostly in traditional style, and wish I had gone into it. I'm glad you update your work process; it's nice to see.