Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adventures in Calartia 02

So here's a little update on fun times recently. On mischief night I attended the Calarts Halloween party as this flapper. I had fun confusing people who already knew me, since none of them recognized me at first. Sweet.

This is my desk again. I know you've seen it. I dont care. You're getting another picture of it because it's beautiful.

Just this past Sunday I WENT TO THE ZOO. FUN TIMES WERE HAD. DRAWINGS WERE MADE! Lots of drawings were made. a fourth of my sketchbook, to be exact. It was AWESOME. We also met a Disney employee there, who work in the Imagineering section of Disney now. The Calarts Mafia is everywhere. Zoe and I were sketching, and I hear "You guys are animators, right?" Other animators recognize us, it's like a scent or something. Or you know. furiously scibbling pencils.

This is Zoe. Lookit how happy she is at the zoo.

And this is a perty sunrise. Please enjoy it. Yet another sunrise from the balcony of B3.

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AnachroLush said...

What's not to be happy about? It was the ZOO! Zooooooooooooo.


Glad we went. Good idea, Vee.