Saturday, October 17, 2009

Character Gestures

So today I went to the first student-run class on Walt Stanchfield's gesture drawing technique. I was so excited when I heard about this, because I truly enjoy and learned a lot from his books.

Dave, a sophomore in character animation, ran the class and he really did an exceptional job of following the heart of what Stanchfield taught people. He had us gradually try to incorporate the "character" that the model was creating for us, as well as what we were feeling from the model. These pictures are some of the drawings I did in the second and third part of the session.


Emily said...

I love the energy in these drawings!

I have the Walt Stanchfield books too, aren't they great?

Oh...and...I plan to de-virginize my studio desk this week!

Vee said...

Stanchfield is sweeeeeeeet.

Which desk is yours? Is it still pristine sparkly white? I hopped on my desk like a rabbit when we first got em.