Friday, October 23, 2009

Animation Test

Here is a simple walk cycle look at my character, the Glass Woman. I was doing the test not really for her action, but more for the style of doing the clean up. I'm not sure which feels most effective, but I'd love some feedback.

The color pencil and normal graphite clean up were very fast, by my standards, but the watercolor one took significantly longer (and I was using water color pencils for it). Any feed back would be great.

Though this really wasn't to show the characters actual attitude, I was thinking of her personality and it is "reflective" of her in a way. (I like my puns). She is a strong willed person, vivid and unfettered until she realizes the fragility of her own self. So, this is more in her "innocent" stage.


Emily said...

Hi Vanessa!

These look great. I hate to say it, but the water color pencil and colored pencil tests seem to serve your story idea best. We can talk about it more later though...

Cjfold said...

That's AWESOME!!!! I love the watercolor it's amazing!