Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adventures in Calartia ( 01 )

Yaaay more pictures! Some of these are more than a month old, but I was being lazy with uploading/ busy with other work.

There is this great door at Calarts. If you enlarge it maybe you can see that it says " Mickey Mouse Jr. Creative Director". It's silly. That's me in the picture for scale. Unfortunately, the door is always locked. =PAND LOOK! this is my personal cubicle. I love it. I live there. It happens to be the oldest lightdesk in A115. I am proud of this fact. Here is a crazy awesome hummingbird that was hanging around the first week of class. There were like four of the crazy beasts, and I was lucky to catch this one. I went out one night early in the semester too (its still early, what am I talking about!?) and walked the walk of fame, looking down at my feet the entire time, like the tourist I am. Had to take a snap shot of this, the animation geek in me flipped out. Those are Jenny's boots and Paul's hairy feet. haha.
While we were at a really small pub, I saw the walls and flipped out. Original artwork by Al Hirshfeld.
Another weekend I went to LA again, with Jenny, and we stayed at Amanda's. Here they are enjoying tea and coffee. Mmmm. Jenny was caught off-guard. Muahaha. I like Amanda's maniacal grin.


Erin said...

It seems like you are having a great time! Hooray!!

Wondering Wanderer said...

You are making me nostalgic...I had some great times in A115, and lived in Ahmanson. : )