Friday, August 21, 2009



I never keep my promises when it comes to this blog. But now I will. Because I have willpower, and you know what they say. Willpower means that you "will". Well, "they" don't say it. Not really sure anyone says it. Regardless.

I've got a great friend who is blogging as well now, and sort of reading over her site and doing some self evaluation made me kick me-self in the pants to get a move on. I really started this blog to ramble on and on about art and my insignificant life and art and self improvement and animation and art and general mayhem. And art. I didn't mention that one yet. But the biggest key to me creating a blog has always been to keep myself active and to have fun while pushing myself. ALWAYS WITH THE PUSHING!

Recently I've been undertaking the quest to be funny, after I was deeply affected by someone telling me (repeatedly) that I was not, and was in fact quite boring. Though it was the first time I heard of such nonsense, I was aghast at the possibility. ME!? NOT FUNNY!? This needs to be remedied! FETCH THE DOCTOR!

Anyway- It's come down to me realizing funny is totally in the eye of the beholder, or...mind of the beholder...what have you. So therefore I shouldn't sweat it, because being naturally funny to the people I can make laugh is much better. Who doesn't like to laugh, anyway?

That's where my thoughts leave off for the moment. No art to show you folks, unfortunately. My scanner's out of commision, my mac is catastrophic, and I'm too lazy to wait the ten minutes it takes to transfer one image from my computer to my dell.


Anonymous said...

What??? Oh please. You're freaking hilarious. I remember.

Anonymous said...

HA. I just made myself one of your followers. HA.