Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fox Jump Pan Test Final

Said I'd post it when it's done. Made the background way to pretty, now the character stands out to much- he's too different.

Made him hop in and out of frame, so the audience can adjust and actually see the movement.

This was fun. Now to start timing dialogue for this month's 11 second club. Not going to be able to submit a final, but i'd like to start working on it anyway. Storyboard form is good enough for me at the moment. At least I'll be getting some skills up.


Ilham said...

Wauw! That is very cool! With what program did you make it? Nice blog, and I like your moustache-profile-pic!:)

Peace, moustaches and foxes!

Vee said...

I made it in Flash for a fun little practice. Haha, I like my paper-moustache too. Thank you very much!