Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing around

So here we are folks- the rough cut of something fun.

Basically, the kick I gave myself this time, worked. ^_^ In a very strange way, I might add. I did a load of accidental research, which was fun, on the Myers-Briggs type indicators and Enneatypes. Long story short, it sort of opened my eyes to understanding what was going on with my lack of motivation- and voila! I decided I wanted to test my animation skills by inbetweening 5 keys that a one Mr. Eric Goldberg provides in his book "Character Crash Course" on page 83. I've taken liberties with the model(I made him a fox), as well as added an anticipation and some followthrough on the beginning and end.

This was loads of fun, and literally was cake to finish as he very excellently timed the original keys and provided a timechart with them. I've actually NEVER inbetween someone elses timing charts/ characters besides my own, so this was very educational- AND AWESOME. I very much have my groove back on. =)

I'll most likely be finishing this tomorrow, spend another hour or so coloring the character and the background; I'll possibly redesign the BG for a better composition too- that one hurts haha.

Also- An awesome friend of mine was kind enough to give me this website> 11 Second Club . It's an awesome site that I had lost for a while, but now have gloriously found again (Thanks Jaz! Check out her blog!!)

Anywho, I'm working on this months dialogue for the 11 Second club as well. Being August 25th, however, there is no way I'll be finishing this entry on time. I'll post storyboards and roughs for you folks, so feel free to comment, as always!!

Here's something funny I found on Vimeo. By the awesome Malcolm Sutherland.

The Tourists (2007) from Animalcolm on Vimeo.

(if you're curious- I'm a ENFJ and my enneatype is a 3. =P)

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