Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fox Spirits and Bad Scans

Just sharing some bad scans from one of my new sketch books. I am completely awful at scanning. I scanned each one of these, viewing them, and decided they were cut just how i wanted them... when somehow the finished scan is completely NOT what I intended. However, I am too lazy to rescan them, when I'm not going to use them for anything except.. this.

This is the cover of my book, with my Inari on it. I love drawing foxes, and often times my foxes have little clown arrows around their eyes, so I decide that this particular character would be my Muse, Inari (Inari is a Japanese shinto fox god/goddess).

^The pose is mimicking "Okami" but i'm not sure I got it completely right.

More Inari-s and bad scans. Working with pens this time. =O

I also have a black sense of humor. Poor snail (muahaha)

Awful scan number 4! Wandering post-apocolyptic desert family. One of my better successes at drawing cartoon-children.

At some point I'll post something that actually makes my art look good!!! And is not a crappy scan. <3

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CHOGRIN said...

Vanessa! Thank-you so much for all your wonderful comments and support on the blog! I love your spirit creature! I wanna ink it! ^_^



P.S. LEts get together for coffee sometime next week?