Saturday, July 3, 2010


I made this little dude about three weeks back, and posted it up on the Autumn Society website. Check the site out, many awesome artists.

I've got a bunch of work to upload, my only problem is I need to find a decent sized scanner that actually scans correctly. Otherwise, I'm thinking of starting to work digitally for the remainder of the summer, so that I will actually have something to show you folks at home.

About the above image-- I used about 12 textures in compinations. I'm actually fairly happy with the end result of the earth itself-- some texture manip, and then matte paints over it, and some regular painting ontop (in photoshop).


-- edit--
Just tacking on that the image is a tribute to the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.

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Jaz said...

Adventure Time! I love that show so much. I really like the textures you used on Jake.