Thursday, September 10, 2009


OKAY! So I AM IN CALIFORNIA!! Sorry it took me a couple days- but I wanted to take as many pictures as possible and I couldn't do it all at once.

This is Bob Hope Airport. I saw palm trees and mountains as SOON as I got outside the terminal. It was awesome.
One of the R.A.’s (Mattias) picked me up from the airport and drove me to the school. He was full of knowledge and helpful. He also did not take my kidney.Then as soon as I got my room keys Mattias shipped me over to my dorms at Ahmanson.Up four mini-flights of stairs led to my apartment door-where I saw THIS.

No other rooms on the campus have this on front of their door. I checked. So you can imagine how stoked I was.

So BASICALLY I spent the next hour unpacking my lovely room-to-myself, which has a HUGE DESK in it. Not to mention an awesome view from the window.
After that I explored the campus whilst waiting for some things I had to do that night. So of course I took pictures.I often find myself in this little courtyard. I felt drawn to it for some reason, and the light streaming through the trees in the early morning is absolutely beautiful. That’s a big eucalyptus tree that’s in the courtyard- the wind blows and the air gets this wonderfully nutty aroma to it. My suitemate Olivia pointed them out, and I’m beginning to grow fond of them.
Upon further inspection over the next couple days, and getting lost in the corridors of Calarts with my other suitemate Jenny, I found the sub basement. Needless to say, jaws dropped with joy.
Seeing these halls really excited us. How awesome was it that a school gave you an entire area to ACTUALLY do whatever you wanted over the walls. The only rules were no spray-paint, and avoid the floors and signs.Jenny contributing to fray. Cutest bunny ever.

More awesome graffiti on the Level 1 bathrooms near the Experimental Animation department.You know the courtyard that I was falling in love with? Turns out it connects with the experimental animation dept.’s main animation room. Did I mention what room that is?
Yes. Yes indeed. A115. Boo-yah. A115 was the classroom many alumni like John Lasseter, Peter Doctor, etc. worked in. The room number is often hidden in many Pixar films. Thanks Vince for telling me this before I left Uarts!!

Tomorrow is my class registration. I’ve got 5 core-classes to sign up for, plus a lunchtime animation screening every Tuesday for .5 credits. Lunch and a movie, can’t beat that. Besides that, I got the chance to meet with the wonderful Character Animation department assistant director Maija Burnett who is letting me hop in on the Intermediate Traditional Classes!!!! (Joyous day) Then on Fridays I’ll be going to all the Visiting Artist lectures down in the Character Animation dept in hopes to gain more knowledge. THROW IN a workstudy job somewhere and guess what? I get to be exhausted for the rest of my days. Seriously though, this is something I want. I need to be as busy as I can be, working my ass off. It’s the only way I’ll get better.

Again, class sign up tomorrow. I’ll post pictures of the damage. =) not as many as this, though.


Jaz said...

The pictures make me excited. You're going to have so much fun!

Erin said...

Ah I love the graffiti walls! I always wished we could do that at UArts.