Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leavin on Jet-plane.

So I'm spending my last day on the east coast enjoying an outing to panera, coldstone, and then an early labor-day party with my entire family- all 800 billion of them.


Tonight I will be sufficiently full of good polish foods and probably cake (oh the debauchery!!) because I will not be back until... who knows when. A long time. Not that long. Forever. No I'm kidding.

Tomorrow, however, I will be hopping on flight A to Chicago, flight B to Denver, and arrive on fight C in Burbank. Then I will proceed to hop in mysterious white van with red letters to some supposed campus, where they will mug me and take my kidney, and when I awake I'll take up animation to pay off the loan-sharks on my back.

I hope to avoid the kidney-thieves. I hear they are thick on the ground this season.

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Finn said...

Watch out for them kidney thieves. They may replace that kidney with a packet of drugs and make you into an unknowing drug mule.