Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sleep is for the week!

Yes. Apparently.

I have not had any official work to do for about three days now, but for the past five I've been putting pencil to paper nonstop. Currently I am in the starting stages of concept art for my Senior Thesis Film. YAY ANIMATION!

Here, I will share some with you. The below is Logan Brady, a design for the main character of my film about ..well.. dead people. Haha. He's a ghost, and though the story is still sketchy, the film is about life in the afterlife. Mostly a serious piece about what he should do now that he's dead to become.. well.. he doesn't know. he thought it was the end.

I am making it sound light hearted, it's actually not. It's going to be a deep piece about humanity, be it in life or death.

As i design him I am also beginning massive research for his background and for the story.
I believe it will be set in both 1925 and modern times. He died in 1925 ( HAHA! NOW YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR 1920's INFO FOR SO LONG!)
and yeah. I can't decide if I want him to be a prick, selfish, or a selfish prick. But.. I believe in characters not being orange or blue (black and white is boring, lets go with Different opposing colors, okay?) so hes character development has just begun.

blah blah blah. Full of drive. I am not an excellent blogger because I still feel like I'm talking to myself, which I am.

Also, breakfast soon. mmmm breakfast.

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