Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jamie Baker rocks.

Everything here is on the up and up.
I figure that would be the first thing to say coming back from a moderate hiatus. My piece is finished and everything seems to be going swell.

Check it out. Found James Baker's blog, and hes got lots of nice connections to other Pixar employee's blogs as well. Click the button. But after you read this. You love me more.

actually it's all really just mindless drivel, but nonetheless, stay here and toss a few words around with me, yo.

France in a few weeks. Yeah. that will be nice, as long as my plane doesn't blow up. If it does, seriously, come to my funeral in the craziest, zaniest hat you can find. Only the cool kids will do it.

Unrelatedly, don't trust smiling men with lobsters on their heads. They are neither men nor lobsters, and therefore are lying cads who cannot be trusted.

Okay serious time folks.
I am blown away by the amazing artists in this world who never give up a day without drawing and or releasing their inhibitions onto paper or film, or what have you. I know I draw everyday, but that's nothing in comparison to the work some people are pouring out. To all of you who are living your life like this, I ADORE YOU.

also, for those nerds who would like to join me in the mass of nerd-dom that is known as anime lovers, is an interesting website that displays model sheets from various anime.

New images will be posted soon I suppose. Need to scan some stuff.

^ quick digi-light study.

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