Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Okay. This open source drawing tool is AWESOME. I have quickly fallen in love with this thing, because it offers -no- ability to "fix" your mistakes. It's helped me to forget line and what I think I see, but instead focus on form and volume, which is something I'm striving for in my own work. The limitations are apparent off the bat, so have

Granted, it's also easy to see its failing points too. It's very addictive, and I guess some could call it an "assist" in drawing, filling in shade easily if you know how to use it. But- a tool is a tool. I'm liking the trickiness and immediacy of the "line"/"form" I'm creating, there is no room for second guessing.

I dunno-- It's less of an assist for me and more of a "Let's try this with a pencil that has a mind of its own!" Anyway, too much of a rant and rave. Here are some drawings I did using the tool, in ascending order from first to last.

I'm takin this bitch for a test drive in life drawing for a week.

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Mike said...

wow vee! thanks for sharing this tool! it looks awesome! There seems to be a little learning curve in terms of how to get the automated effects to do what you want but also it keeps you loose because of the spontaneity of the lines.

and you seemed to have learned how to use is pretty well!