Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Testy-test

Test Shot- Paint on Glass "To Moss and Stone" from Vanessa Buldowski on Vimeo.

here's a test I did this weekend for my film. Still applying the paint on glass. I can't get the gold to work, which has me very frustrated. The "gustav klimt" element is almost entirely gone, and will be if I can't get the gold to work. I'm much more drawn to textures now, which i think works, because of the black-paint texture.

Very short-- the character model is a mock up, she needs finer details, and secondary action. Some issues with artifacting still, with the paint and not being able to get a super clean line. MUCH better second time around, though. all about keeping it clean beforehand.


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Finn said...

ACK! It's Samurai Jack!

(and that is basically the highest compliment you could get from me)