Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vivi the Bat!

Hey All!

It's been a little bit since I've posted! With end of the semester here at Calarts, I've been a very busy little veebs. I'll be posting the next installment of Reflecting on Greatness soon, so "Stay Toon-ed" .

For now, here's a little dude I've been working on, in After Effects to get used to animating in it more extensively.

I designed and animated all of it- it was really enjoyable! I hope to develop this into a small animation, a ten-second self contained film similar to my 10 Seconds of Fun.


Vivi So Far from Vanessa Buldowski on Vimeo.


Jaz said...

I like the textures you're using. Vivi is so cute!

Jason Keane said...

Great work, you can clearly see your passion for animation in your work!

Vee said...

Aw, thanks, you guys! Hope everything is going well Jaz, and hope you've been doing well since you graduated, Jason.