Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Attempts

Look. I made this. Woooow. Vee trying COLLAGE. and whats this, DIGI-COLLAGE!?
This was alot of fun- but done with a ridiculously crappy-not-full-version of corel. SO I couldnt flatten anything and hade 50+ layers. Thus the overall same tonal quality in the piece. I really like mister wolf there.

Also- Red needs some muffins in that basket or something.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I will live each day with Passion! 私は情熱毎日住んでいる!

I am going to be serious, right now. None of this is meant to insult anyone, whoever ends up seeing this-but bring forth my frustrations in myself and in the "common" art of today. This subject may seem silly to some, may invigorate others, and hopefully will bring light to all the artists I know and love.

How many times a day do we commit to our work, do we truly reach into the deep depths of our very beings and dig around for the gut wrenching, emotional circumstances that make us who were are? How often is it that we can finish an piece of artwork and not feel both emotionally enlightened and suffocated all at once!? Where does the passion of being come from and go to within us- are we fully listening to ourselves as Creators, as Life-Givers, as Artists?

Or are we just skimming the surface:Are we placing false works before us and feeling accomplished because of our technical prowess? Sloshing out pieces that are copies or half interpretations of another's magic? Slapping around paints or words, or lyrics that are "catchy" or "popular". What Ever happened to the voice behind our hearts that claws at our throats and fingertips for release?

Where are our Muses? Where is our passion and dedication?

Perhaps I am hasty in including all artists in this. Mayhaps I am venting my own frustrations of self-searching onto you. But can you honestly look around you at the artwork you see commonly and be simply...okay with diving into a crowd of sameness? My friends have talent, we all have talent- and I love you all for your shining examples of unique-ness! I APPLAUD YOU FOR YOU.

But now I challenge you. I CHALLENGE YOU- right here and now, to commit yourself to your life, to your self given slavery, to yourself as your art possesses of you. Let yourself get carried away in its passions, as wretchedly blissful as they are.

Niavete or wisdom, take these words as you will. Yet I must vent this feeling building up inside me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recent Updates

Classes start today for me, even though I get the easy end of the stick. One class today, and none tomorrow, so I get an early weekend. YAY! Only, I am a weird person and have always been, and am actually disappointed I don't have classes right away. I have always enjoyed learning and discovering new things.

Next Friday I will be leaving for North Carolina until the following Saturday, so yay for vacations!.. Even though classes just started. HA. My family plans things silly.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite music with you all. I love the Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. If you have seen any of Miyazaki-san's films you are familiar with him. I especially love The Tarara Workwoman's Song. Unfortunately, you cannot find this on youtube, but if you ever watch Princess Mononoke, it is in the iron melding rooms that it is sung. It is very short, but full of honor and pride. I also love Mononoke Hime- the theme and main song for the film Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) which is here, although this particular singer is not my favorite.

Also- Here is this. O_o. It was created for a compilation for the Autumn Society, to help get my name out there. Joe Game set this up to help the community, which is pretty awesome of him, and with only spending 5 bucks to get into a small collection to be passed out to people at the Baltimore Comic Con this year. Sweetness in a can.