Monday, November 17, 2008

Sergio Pablos rocks. ( As well as numerous other animators)

Lately I have been going through a slightly rough state in the sense of my art. I know everything takes a lot of hard work, and such- but I have been wandering between somewhere between discontent and self-doubt.

Which everyone does- let us face this. I am pretty sure this is due to an analysis of my own work that is not self deprecating- but actually true. And because of this I have a sense of being unable to overcome the goals and flaws in my own work.

I simply must press on and work hard hard harder than I have ever done. I must push myself like I always do, and like an amazing artist/teacher has told me, I must truly be a fascist with myself. What is the POINT of doing what I am doing if I DONT love it? If I can't bear with forcing the iota of strength left within me through my pencil and onto paper?

Really, this is less than a rant then getting myself motivated.
- Nothing like some awesome disney work to motivate, as well. ( SAY WHAT YOU LIKE- they are those who push themselves and their work to heights many cannot claim. They have flaws as well-but I will proudly claim my love for those animators)

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